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Rhoeco Mountain Herbal Tea 20g

Sideritis is widely known as ‘Greek mountain tea’ and it is an indigenous species of Greek flora, growing at over 1000 meters’ elevation. The three different mountain tea varieties that we chose for our blend, grow in different geographical parts of Greece, and differ both in their morphology and their content in essential oils defining their unique taste, flavour, and other quality characteristics.

This special blend through its distinctive character manages to capture the essence of Greek tradition and the unique odours along Greek countryside.

Mountainous ecosystems are found in high altitudes far from man-made intervention, surrounded by natural areas with rich biodiversity. MOUNTAIN herbal tea blend will transfer you to a plateau where human mind is stimulated and toxins of modern life are filtered, imitating self-preservation behaviour occurring in natural ecosystems.

Rhoeco Forest Herbal Tea 20g

Forests are linked to health and well-being, as they hide numerous botanical treasures which have been widely used in alternative medicine as natural treatment methods. For that reason, we associated the blend of these very unique herbs with the forest ecosystems.

Rhoeco Sea Herbal Tea 20g

Aquatic ecosystems thoroughly linked with tranquillity and peace, inspired us for the creation of this herbal blend.

Enjoy a SEA herbal tea blend and travel to a deep blue Greek sea away from stress and concerns.

It is the perfect blend to enjoy a good night’s sleep!