How to stay healthy during lockdown

There’s no denying that we’re all living unusually uncertain times right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed life for all of us, impacting our routines, our jobs and needless to say, our health and wellbeing. That’s why now is the time to look after ourselves the best we can, right? To make it easier for you, we’ve put together some recommendations for your body and mind to help you stay safe and sound while being stuck at home:

Follow a Mediterranean diet

Recognised by the World Health Organisation as a healthy and sustainable dietary option, following a Mediterranean diet while you’re stuck at home is a no brainer. Fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, extra virgin olive oil, regular protein (lean meats, fish, eggs) and limited dairy and alcohol, can make a massive impact on your body right now.

Struggling to find key basic ingredients due to shortages? We’ve found that small local fruit and veg shops can be great places to get your food products from. Plus you’ll be supporting local businesses in your community, double win! If like us, you live in Brighton and Hove, here’s a list of local shops that are offering food deliveries at the moment.

Try new recipes

Being at home makes you appreciate food and cooking a lot more, and that’s a great thing! This is the perfect time to try to create old favourites or experiment with whatever ingredients you have at hand.

If you fancy some inspiration, have a look at the Mediterranean recipes in our blog, they are not only healthy and delicious – they have meaningful stories behind them too!

Release some endorphins doing exercise 

OK, cooking and eating delicious food are great for the soul, but as always, in moderation! If you can make the most of the daily outdoor exercise that we are allowed at the moment, then go for it.

Getting some vitamin D, fresh air, and changing your scenery (even for a little bit) does wonders to our physical and mental health. As for indoor exercise, we’ve been using the “Seven – Quick at Home Workouts”, a free app with daily 7 minute workouts. Easy, simple and very manageable! 

Be mindful, take one day at a time

Looking after our mental health right now is SO important. It’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed with everything that’s going on. Breaking your day in small chunks and focusing on specific tasks at a time can really help. Practice gratitude by just remembering (or even writing) a list of good stuff you have in your life right now. Even taking a break from the news or social media can be helpful too! If you are after some Zen, we recommend Calm, the free app to practice some relaxation and meditation at different times of the day to help you reconnect.

Have fun developing a new hobby

If you feel like you need something that will keep your mind healthy right now, embarking a new hobby during lockdown is the perfect time to do it! Maybe watch some YouTube tutorials to do crafts, sign up to an online course you’ve always wanted to do or read that book that you never had time for – use this time to have fun!

Stay connected with friends and family

Another great way to support your mental health right now is to stay connected with friends and family. Feeling connected at the moment is really important as it makes us feel less isolated, and helps us check in with those who might be more vulnerable during these times. It can also open up opportunities to experiment with technology, doing group calls or have fun with group quizzes!

We hope this roundup of ideas to stay healthy while staying at home was helpful. Let us know in the comments below what you are doing to stay healthy during lockdown, we’d love to hear from you!

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