“Fakes” – Lentil Soup | Kali Orexi

Recipe by: Christine Polyzos | Featured on Zorbabook

This “Kali Orexi” Video Recipe features – Fakes (pronounced phonetically) – Lentil Soup. This recipe is one that was passed down to Christine from her mother, Antigoni, 28 years ago, when Christine first moved out of home and she has continued to make it ever since.

Recently, Christine taught her 18-year-old son, Andreas, how to make it and so the legacy of learning continues for another generation for this recipe.

Add this recipe to your family’s culinary legacy too – learn how to make it now with our quick and easy recipe video! 


375 g lentils
2 brown onions chopped
8 – 10 cloves garlic finely sliced
2 – 3 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon pepper
3 tablespoons tomato paste
2½ litres water
6 tablespoons olive oil
Vinegar (optional to serve)
Chillies, finely chopped (optional to serve)

Make the Fakes

  1. Sort through the lentils and discard any stones or the like.
  2. Add the sorted lentils to a 3 litre pot. Add the onions, garlic, salt, pepper and water to the pot. Thoroughly stir the tomato paste into the water. Add the olive oil.
  3. Place the pot on the cooktop over a medium – high heat. Place the lid ajar on the pot and bring the soup to a rolling boil. Reduce the heat so that you have a gentle boil and boil the soup for half an hour, before turning off the burner. Fully place the lid over the pot and allow the soup to rest for at least four hours.

Serve the Fakes

  1. Gently and briefly heat the soup through before serving. Serve the fakes with some crusty bread and a drizzle of vinegar and/or a sprinkling of chillies if you are inclined. Add some Feta for the full mediterranean experience!
  2. Recipe serves 10.

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